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 Concretes & Absolutes

Welcome to our magic world of essential oils to see how we work with beautiful plants. Our system of production is not treat the plants by severity, the oils not change or indivisible to other compounds by steam, the smell not contain steam smell, you will find the perfect color with fresh smell .

Sakkara used natural fruits, seeds and plant’s origin only from our farms in Egypt, thus assuring you pure and natural products at sensible prices.

We have succeeded in providing products for a wide range of companies, recognizing that each of them has unique needs.

We try to be an effective member in manufacturing and exporting of natural and pure Essential Oils, so we offer the products which meet our customers’ specifications with Certificate of Analysis for each lot.

All products are provided by the following documents:

  • Specifications
  •  Certificate of Analysis
  •  Certificate of Allergens
  •  Material Safety Data Sheet
  •  Kosher Certificate
  •  ISO 22000:2005. We are the first company in Egypt which operate under it .