Distillation Units

The Tools, Containers, Receivers and Condensers are stainless steel made

CAW5UV4J 111

Five units, 5 ton in its capacity, to produce 25 ton daily, each unit of it work on distillate and extract flowers & Seeds providing the annual production .

We continue to create the excellent Essential Oils not only by customer’s requests but also by our own creative senses, with our best efforts to make customers always satisfied.

  File0035 File0043

Extracting unit

 ext-b ext-a

Two extraction Units from stainless steel, 3 ton in capacity of flowers daily to produce Jasmine Concrete, Violet Concrete, Carnation Concrete, …..etc.

Waste Disposal

100_0279 100_0278

Getting rid of the waste of production by Automatic Raising.

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