Sakkara is one of the oldest areas in Egypt , that has embraced many of the Historical figures.

It was the cradle of civilization and the first capital of Egypt, where the first stone building has been built in the history, it has spread many of the handcrafts and industries such as pottery, hand-woven carpets, papyrus , therapeutic oils and aromatic.

The Pharaonic papyrus confirms that the ancient Egyptian were the first people who used the essential oils in their marriage, religion & political events Rituals.

also the secret of their success in the mummification process was the natural oils such as sandalwood and myrrh, cinnamon , frankincense, myrrh , which made the mummies retain their properties till now.

We are the last generation which is famous in this industry and in the therapeutic essential oils, we have our factory in Sakkara area where we manufacture aromatic oils in several ways, including steam distillation, extraction and cold press.